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Photon Energy Systems manufactures unique ultra thin silicon solar cell products.
Our flagship products are based on ultra thin single crystal silicon photovoltaic devices, using a novel process that radically reduces the amount of silicon needed.  Systems based on PES modules enable power delivery at costs below fossil fuel generation rates.

Photon Energy Systems PV module technology has 9 major advantages:
1) Lowest cost/watt of any PV technology.
2) 5X reduction in silicon used - the major cost in modules is the silicon - this reduces the cost by a factor of 5X.
3) 20X reduction in cell processing resources. This allows processing equipment to have much greater throughput and reduces cell costs.
4) Longest lifetimes of all PV technologies . We use tried and proven mono-crystalline silicon and PV pastes, products that have been used and proven reliable for many years, and the same lamination processes used by the majority of the industry. These have demonstrated very long lifetimes (average of 0.3% per year degradation). These translate to 94% of starting power after 25 years.
5) All rear contact technology - Increases efficiency by 5-10% over conventional front contact cells.
6) No shading issues - Modules produce partial power even when partially shaded with unique fine grain architecture.
7) Bifacial cells - Power can be collected from the rear side as well as the front - perfect for white commercial rooftops.
8) Mobile applications - Fine grain architecture allows high voltage generation even in small form factors - perfect for smart phones, outdoor lighting, wireless webcams.

9) Flexible - 50u microtiles flex easily, allowing for lightweight, flexible cells and modules.

Let Photon Energy Systems provide a custom solar powered solution for you!

Flexible, high voltage submodule - output 6V